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Christiaan Johan Grader archive

Identifier: ubl239

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of scholarly notes, manuscript, typed and printed documents, newspapers and newspaper clippings, and some photographs pertaining to Grader’s administrative and political career as civil servant in the Dutch East Indies and post-World War II Indonesia (Bali, Madura, Lombok, Java, Makassar, Hollandia in New Guinea) and in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Hague), and as a researcher and teacher at the Agricultural University in Wageningen. Those papers cover the years 1932-1971 while Grader’s voluminous correspondence cover not only his active life but also the years after his retirement.

It is quite impossible to single out highlights in the different sub-collections. Many documents deserve though special mention:

Of special interest are the reports, administrative and scholarly notes by Grader, off-prints, newspaper clippings and other miscellaneous documents pertaining to the socio-economic, cultural and political history of Bali prior to World War II. From a political point of view, the papers Grader collected during his stay in Makassar at the side of Tjokorda Gde Rake Sukawati, president of the State of East Indonesia, are noteworthy.

Grader’s correspondence (Or. 26.645: C 1-111) includes, besides letters, many documents on socio-economic, agricultural and political subjects discussed with his correspondents. It is worth mentioning in particular the correspondence and documents concerning Balinese cultural life in Bali and artists like the legendary I Nyoman Lempad and Walter Spies, and the correspondence with Rudolf Bonnet as well. The correspondence between Grader and Louis C. Heyting (1890-1978) includes an important archive pertaining to Bali brought together by Heyting (see Or. 26.645: C 77). Grader’s archives pertaining to Bali contain furthermore papers by Victor Emanuel Korn (1892-1969) who was civil servant in Bali in 1917 and 1915-1930 (see Or. 26.645: B 2, B 19-22, B 79).


  • Creation: 1925-1993
  • Creation: Bulk 1932-1971

Language of Materials

Dutch, English, Indonesian, Balinese, German

Conditions Governing Use

Regulations that apply during the use of these materials can be found on the website of Leiden University Library.

Biographical / Historical

Christiaan Johan (Han) Grader (Magelang, 20 March 1906 - Bennekom, 4 January 1993), born in Central Java, was educated in the Netherlands. He read law and economy at Leiden university and followed the classes of the High School for colonial civil servants in the Dutch East Indies (Opleiding tot Indisch bestuursambtenaar). He obtained his M.A. degree in 1931 and was appointed for service in the Dutch East Indies on July 1st 1932.

After his arrival in Java, Grader was assigned to Bali where he remained until 1940. In Bali he was posted successively in all districts except Tabanan (Denpasar, Kintamini, Singaraja, Gianyar and Karangasem). As district commissioner he was especially commissioned for research in Balinese village and temple organization. His stay in Bali was interrupted by a provisory assignment in Ceribon (West Java) from August 1934 until April 1935. In July 1940 he was assigned to Pamekasan (Madura), and in December 1941 to Blitar in the residency Kediri (East Java).

In April 1942, all European civilian men were taken prisoner by the Japanese, a few weeks after their invasion of Java. Grader was among them and was interned successively in five different war camps, two in East Java, Surabaya and Ngawi, and three in the vicinity of Bandung in West Java, Sukamiskin, Kampung Baros (the so-called 'Bunsho II, kamp 5', one of Cimahi’s camps), and finally another camp in Cimahi which is not specified by Grader in his résumé.

After the Japanese capitulation (15 August 1945) and his release from the war camp, Grader remained in Cimahi where he worked for the Allied Military and Civil Affairs Branch (AMACAB) from September 1945 until March 1946.

In May 1946 Grader was granted one year leave in the Netherlands to recover from the hardship of war time. His leave though was interrupted (February-March 1947) when he was sollicitated by the Dutch government to assist Tjokorda Gde Rake Sukawati, president of the State of East Indonesia, during the latter’s stay in the Netherlands. At the beginning of May 1947 Grader was appointed head of the office of the president of the Government of the State of East Indonesia. He flew to Makassar, seat of the new (short-lived) government, where he remained until October 1948. From October 1948 until March 1951, Grader was first class assistant resident at the Office of Land Utilization and Restructuring (Bureau der Landinrichting; Balai Perantjang Tata Bumi) in Bogor.

Back in the Netherlands, Grader occupied several functions before being sent to Indonesia for a new assignment: Deputy director of the Sticusa (Stichting voor Culturele Samenwerking) in Amsterdam (March-December 1951), charged with a 'special mission' (speciale opdracht) at the Nationale Handelsbank in Amsterdam (December 1951-January 1952) and subsequently head of the documentation center of the Institute of the Tropics (Instituut voor de Tropen) in Amsterdam. From November 1952 until January 1953 he was detached at the Department of Overseas Dominions (Ministerie van Overzeese Rijksdelen) in The Hague in order to prepare his mission in Dutch New Guinea. In Hollandia (Jayapura) Grader was head of the Bureau of Native Affairs (kantoor voor Bevolkingszaken) until June 1956.

Back in the Netherlands, where he would spend the remainder of his life, Grader was appointed senior researcher (wetenschappelijk hoofdmedewerker) at the section Cultural anthropology (niet-Westerse sociologie) at the Agricultural University in Wageningen. As a researcher and teacher, Grader fulfilled his function from July 1956 until his retirement on 1 April 1971. In 1963 he made a long study trip to Nigeria.

Han Grader was married to G.J.Ch. (Truus) Wijnstroom. The couple had two daughters.

Grader, who was a tall man, was called in Bali 'I Gde Lantang Siluman', the 'big, long [man who] changes his appearance'. He published several articles under this pseudonym.


9 meters (c. 500 folders, 6 boxes)

Abstract in Dutch

De collectie C.J. Grader is het persoonlijk archief van een in Leiden opgeleide econoom en Indoloog. Als bestuursambtenaar heeft Grader carrière gemaakt in Nederlands-Indië (Bali, Java, Madura) tot aan de Japanse invasie en in Indonesië tijdens de eerste woelige jaren na haar onafhankelijkheid. Voorts weerspiegelt het archief Graders verdere loopbaan in Nederland (Amsterdam, Wageningen) tot aan zijn pensionering in 1971. Zijn omvangrijke correspondentie bestrijkt niet alleen zijn loopbaanjaren maar ook de periode na zijn pensionering.

Abstract in English

The collection C.J. Grader consists of the private papers of an economist and indologist trained at Leiden University. Grader spent his career as a civil servant in the Dutch East Indies (Bali, Java, Madura) until the Japanese invasion, and in Indonesia during de first turbulent years after its independence. Furthermore, Grader’s papers reflect his scholarly career in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Wageningen) until his retirement in 1971. The voluminous correspondence covers Grader’s entire active worklife and the years following his retirement.

Physical Location

Leiden University Library, Special Collections

Other Finding Aids

The following inventories are available as a pdf document:

  1. A 1-151: Algemeen (General)
  2. B 1-90: Bali
  3. C 1-111: Correspondentie (Correspondence)
  4. L 1-2: Lombok
  5. M 1-3: Madura
  6. N 1-38: Nieuw Guinea (Netherlands Niew Guinea)
  7. R 1-37: Republiek Oost-Indonesië (Republic East Indonesia)
  8. BP 1-7: Bali post (Balinese newspaper; 1972-1983; incomplete)
  9. P 1-17: Publications and syllabi C.J. Grader

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Christiaan Johan Grader donated his private papers through the intermediary of Mrs dr H.I.R. Hinzler. The collection was transferred to the Library in March 1984. It was registered as Cod. Or. 26.645.


No future additions are to be expected.

Related Materials

  1. Additional correspondence and scholarly papers (Or. 26.650)
  2. 'Nota van toelichting betreffende het in te stellen Zelfbesturend Landschap Djembrana [Bali]', 1938 (KITLV, D H 921).
  3. 'Aanteekeningen over het dorpswezen der Baliërs op Lombok', c.1939 (KITLV, D H 996 a).
  4. 'Landinrichting op Timor: oriënterende notities', 1950 (KITLV, D H 996 b)
  5. Documents by and on C.J. Grader in the Collection P.L. Dronkers (KITLV, D H 1317: 19-23).
  6. Documents and letters by C.J. Grader in the Collection V.E. Korn (KITLV, D Or. 435)

Separated Materials

Nationaal Archief, Ministerie van Koloniën: Archief van de Memories van Overgave (1852-1963): 2.10.39: 1424, 1425.


  • Grader, C.J., Levensloop, [s.l. s.d.], typescript, in: Or. 26.645: C 4.
  • Grader, C.J., Curriculum vitae, Bennekom, 1984, manuscript, in: Or. 26.645: C 109.
  • Grader, C.J., Curriculum vitae, s.l., s.d., photocopy, in: Collection V.E. Dronkers, KITLV, H 1317: 19.
  • Hinzler, H.I.R., Inventory of the Collection C.J. Grader, Leiden, c.1990 (incomplete typescript).


The material of this collection can be requested via the online catalogue (tab Special Collections; Uncatalogued materials). It can be consulted in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Processing Information

The collection was partly arranged by C.J. Grader before its transfer to the Leiden Library. The papers were sorted out, folders were rearranged and roughly organised under several headings by Mrs dr H.I.R. Hinzler in the years following the transfer to the Library. Hinzler made detailed inventories of the content of most of the folders catalogued under the headings 'Algemeen' (A), 'Bali' (B), 'Correspondentie' (C), 'Lombok' (L), 'Madura' (M), 'Nieuw Guinea' (N), 'Republiek Oost-Indonesië' (R), 'Publications' (P) and Bali post (BP). The serial numbers following a Roman letter refer to folders.

The sub-collection 'Algemeen' (General), contains essentially papers pertaining to 'Land utilization and restructuring' and to Grader’s research and teaching program at the High School for Agriculture in Wageningen. It includes also letters and papers pertaining to Sticusa.

Things Balinese are also to be found under 'A'. Many letters are also to be found elsewhere than in 'C' (Correspondentie).

  1. A 1-151: Algemeen (General)
  2. B 1-90: Bali
  3. C 1-111: Correspondentie (Correspondence)
  4. L 1-2: Lombok
  5. M 1-3: Madura
  6. N 1-38: Nieuw Guinea (Netherlands Niew Guinea)
  7. R 1-37: Republiek Oost-Indonesië (Republic East Indonesia)
  8. BP 1-7: Bali post (Balinese newspaper; 1972-1983; incomplete)
  9. P 1-17: Publications and syllabi C.J. Grader

The remaining six boxes contain mostly duplicates of Grader’s syllabi.

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